Vinegar, Sauces & Olives /RFTTE Mickey Bull Bourbon BBQ Sauce 250ml

RFTTE Mickey Bull Bourbon BBQ Sauce 250ml


You’ve been chasing Mickey Bulls through the scrub all day in the sweltering heat.  Your teeth are caked in bulldust, your bloodshot eyes are covered in flies peering out of your sunburnt face.  At least this kick-arse bourbon sauce will keep the flies off your tea while you finish your beer.

Ingredients: Tomato sauce 50% (tomatoes 77%, sugar, salt, food acids -acetic & citric, natural flavour), brown sugar, Bourbon, white wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce (water, vinegar, molasses, rehydrated vegetables, salt, spices, natural flavours, colours – caramel extract IV, spice extract), golden syrup (cane sugar, water), seeded mustard (water, mustard seed 28% salt, sugar, food acid(acidic) turmeric 0.1%, Marjoram, thyme, garlic extract, spice extract), paprika, garlic powder, table salt (salt, anticaking agent (554)).

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