Long Track Gift Hampers /Beach Bag Hamper – Spotty Monstera Pink

Beach Bag Hamper – Spotty Monstera Pink


Warmer weather is fast approaching! These new bags are perfect for carrying everything you need for a picnic, the beach or where ever you roam.

  • Spotty Monstera Pink Beach Bag
    • Features internal and external pockets
    • 75cm x 48cm
  • Double Walled Smoothie Tumbler
    • If your big on smoothies or iced coffees, the Double Walled Stainless Steel Smoothie Tumbler + Stainless Steel Straw is the ideal gift! Perfect around the house, out & about or a travel cup.  500 ml of smoothie goodness and comes with a bonus straw cleaning brush.
  • Chocolate Freckles
  • All hampers come packaged in our Long Track Pantry Hessian Bag, ready to be unwrapped!

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