Jam & Marmalade


Ruby Grapefruit Marmalade

Tangy marmalade with a deep ruby colour and loads of soft sweet rind throughout.


Plum & Passionfruit Jam

Tart passion fruit and sweet summer plums are combined and cooked in small batches to create this dark rich purple jam.


Wambidgee Honey

Beautiful local honey with great clarity and flavour.


Apple & Lemon Marmalade

Sweet Apple Marmalade with a tangy lemon finish.


Apple & Strawberry Jam

Chunks of apple and strawberry throughout make this a family favourite.


Apple, Pear & Ginger Jam

One for the Ginger fans!


Apricot & Almond Jam

Handmade using fresh summer apricots, the addition of almonds adds subtle flavour and texture to this popular jam.


Chunky Orange Marmalade

Big chunks of orange rind - marmalade professionals only.


Doolan Country Butter

Award winning butters made by a hard working family in Australia

From $13.90

Red Onion Relish

This old favourite is made in tiny batches allowing the onions to caramelize and create a rich red glaze.


Red Pepper & Chilli Jam

Red Pepper & Chilli Jam is delectably sweet with a cheeky bite of chilli at the finish.


White Peach & Raspberry Jam

The unique flavour of white peaches with a delicious raspberry finish.